• Low cost, high reliability.

  • Capacitive touch sealed control panel – no moving parts to wear out.

  • Three user programmable temperature profiles of nine steps each.

  • Separate set-point control for simple situations.

  • Standard type K thermocouple input.

  • Available in several different plug configurations, including: - 120 vac 15 amp (normal wall plug: NEMA 5-15) - 120 vac 20 amp (NEMA 5-20) - 220/240 vac 20 amp (NEMA 6-20) - 220/240 vac 30 amp (NEMA 10-30). 

  • Furnace versions available with type R or S thermocouple calibration and 4-20 milliamp output for controlling SCRs or variable speed blowers etc.

Vanessa Specifications

NEED NEW INFO FOR HERE: The GB1 Programmable Temperature Controller, standard unit, is designed for use with a Type K thermocouple. Temperature readings are in degrees Fahrenheit. Key lock security, Celsius temperature readings and European options are available.

Power Reqirements
3 watts at 110–120 volts A.C., 60 Hz (220–240 volts, 50 cycle available).

Temperature Input
Type K32–2400°F (0–1300°C) or Type S or R: 50–3200°F (10–1700°C)
Automatic cold junction compensation

1 part in 4100

1 degree

Crystal controlled timer

Output Choices
• ON/OFF Control for mercury or mechanical contractor; 3 amps at 24–140 volts A.C. (24–280 volts optional), fused internally, or
• 4–20 mA current loop, or
• 9 volt DC for solid state relays

10 profiles, each having up to 15 steps of up to 99 hours each, for a total of over 61 days per profile

Dimensions (HxWxD)
7-1/2" x 4-1/3" x 2-3/8"

Operator Interface
• 1/2" 7-segment red LEDs
• 16-position dust and moisture resistant, unitized keypad.