About Digitry


Digitry’s controllers were designed from the beginning as the result of a collaboration between glass artists and computer scientists. Consequently they have always had the special features for glass art. As new glass techniques have become popular, even more special features have been added. We have enjoyed this collaboration with our friends and customers for over a dozen years.

Although Digitry’s equipment was originally conceived to control annealing, it also has important uses in all aspects and techniques of glass art, where time-varying control of heat is critical. In fact, annealing blown glass may be among the most straightforward of these uses, which include casting, bending and kiln forming, slumping, fusing, and pate de verre. Digitry controllers have also been used in heat treating steel, crystalline glazing of ceramics, and control of glass batch furnaces. For facilities that do not need the multiple oven capability of the GB5, the single oven GB1 is an ideal choice. The GB1 is particularly favored by fusers. Note that the GB1 can hold 10 different temperature profiles. So, as you alternate uses, you do not have to punch in a new program each time.

Recently we have added the Vanessa controller for smaller kilns, for example, those used for beads. In addition to a set point mode, these provide three programmable profiles of nine steps each. These are generally available as complete systems (“plug and play”) for 120 Volt kilns drawing up to 15 Amps, and 240 Volt kilns drawing up to 50 Amps. Contact Digitry for more information.


Short List of Clients

Glass Schools: MIT Glass Lab, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School of Crafts, Pilchuck Glass School, RISD, Mass College of Art & Design, Kent State, Tyler School of Art, Alfred University, Centre College, Danville KY, Tulane University Glass, Rochester Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Wheaton Arts and Cultural Ctr, Illinois State University at Normal, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Sheridan College, Alberta College of Art & Design, Hong Kong University, New Zealand Glassworks

Businesses: Karg Art Glass, Annie Glass, West Supply, Savoy Studios, Milon Townsend, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, Niche Modern

Artists: Martin Kremer, Richard Jolley, Kristina Logan, Mary Shaffer, Stephen Powell, Curtiss Brock, Howard Ben Tre, Dante Marioni, Gianni Toso, Marc Petrovic, Ignite Glass Studio, Firehouse Art Studio

Non Glass:
Lost Wax
Edgar Berebi, Ronna Lugosch, Peapod Jewelry, Amy Johnson & Jill Cribbin, Richard Sobilo, Moose Metal, Jack Kennedy Metal Products, Harry Topley

Denny Blue, Saginaw Bakery, Surrey BC

Rick Hilborn, (Ontario) He loves his ancient GB4 and is willing to talk up Digitry anytime with anyone! Mountain Meadows Pottery, Henry Gernhardt, Cedar Key Pottery, Chris Gustin, MacKenzie-Childs (one of our first customers in mid 70s)